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A couple of my paintings are being sent off to Wales without me to be exhibited by The Lion Street Gallery in time for the prestigious Hay Festival due to start at the end of May. It is a very exciting time as my work will be going back to the country where by which most of my inspiration stems from, it seems very fitting, and a venture I'm sure will work out well for my work.

The Lion Street Gallery was established 12 years ago in the beautiful town of Hay-on-Wye, by gallery director Brent Blair. The main focus of the Gallery is on Artists who work in Wales and The Boarders. However, occasionally if the work is right the gallery will take on Artists from further afield, and due to my work having an affiliation with Wales Brent felt it would fit very well within the Gallery. For more information on the gallery and the works I will be exhibiting with them please visit


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